TBM Tools

TBM Tools

Excellent manufacturing

SPM Proven and reliable

The quality and lifetime of the excavation tools have a noticeable effect on tunnelling performance and the economic efficiency of mechanized tunnelling.

Every excavation tool is manufactured complying with highest standards of quality, sustainable use of resources and maximum safety at work. In addition to the certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001,which have been introduced at all manufacturing facilities, we also hold other technical approvals confirming the high level of safety and quality at SPM.

TBM classification

Main Beam Double Shield
Single Shield Crossover

TBM Disc Cutter view

12", 14", 17", 18", 19", 20" Single Disk
17", 18", 19" Twin Disk
12", 14", 17", 18", 19" Double Disk
10", 11", 12", 14", 17", 18", 19" Monoblock Single Disk
8", 10", 11", 12", 17", 18", 19" Monoblock Double Disk

TBM Disc Cutter core material

SPM® Tool Features (Alloys)

General physical and mechanical properties of alloys

  Hardness(HRA) Density(g/cm3) Average grain size(µm) Bending Strength(N/mm2)
Market mainstream alloy 86 14 3-4 > 3000
SPM alloys 87.6 14.35 >4 > 3235

Heat transfer properties of alloys

  Heat conductivity coefficient W/m*K Thrmal diffusion coefficient(mm2/s) Specific heat capacity J/kg*K
Conventional alloys 110 31.49 246
SPM alloys 142.5 45.22 225
  • Homogeneous organization, stable performance.
  • The average grain size alloy is large, which has good thermal conductivity and thermal fatigue resistance.
  • Alloys has high hardness, bending strength, abrasion resistance, breaking and impact resistance.

Wear-resistance properties of alloys

  The cobalt content(%) Weight before grinding(g) Weight after grinding(g) Weight loss(g) Coefficient of wear(%)
Conventional alloys 12 350.9 343.95 6.95 1.93
SPM alloys 11 350.5 345.82 4.68 1.67

TBM Tools Product

DTH Drill Rigs Introduction

Product Product type Specification and dimension Selection of the bearing Operating conditions
Hob Single­edge hob 12", 13", 15", 17", 18", 19", 20", Timken heavy duty taper roller bearing Conglomerate, sandstone, granite, argilaceous siltstone, limestone and strata with rock, etc.
Double­edge hob 17", 18"
Multi-edge-over cutter 17", 18"

The ancillary products include: special type cutter ring, insert tooth cutter ring, insert tooth soldering cutter ring, outer soldering cutter ring, surface special hardened cutter ring, steel tooth cutter ring hub, cutter shaft, end cover, ect.

Product Product type Product type Operating conditions
Scraper Center fishtail scraper, tear scraper. edge scraper, other protective cutters(tool holder protection cutter, tool box protection cutter, panel protection cutter, ect.) Center fishtail scraper Sand, pebble, clay and other loose bodies strata with particle size less than 400mm
Front scraper
Tear scraper
Edge scraper
The ancillary products include: scraper, tearing scraper with various alloy blocks, scraper matrix, tearing scraper matrix.
TBM Tools